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An example might be "3 bedroom bungalow 55' wide". This will return House Plans that have been tagged with those attributes. It will also return House Plans that mention the search terms in their written description.

To assist you, here are the most common attributes that we use as tags for the plans:

House Type: Bungalow, Raised Bungalow, Two Storey, Storey and a Half, Sidesplit, Backsplit, Cottage, Detached Garage, Townhouse, Semi-Detached

SqFt Ranges: 1000 SqFt and Under, 1000-1250 SqFt, 1250-1500 SqFt, 1500-1750 SqFt, 1750-2000 SqFt, 2000-2250 SqFt, 2250-2500 SqFt, 2500-2750 SqFt, 2750-3000 SqFt, 3000-3250 SqFt, 3250-3500 SqFt, 3500-3750 SqFt, 3750-4000 SqFt, 4000 SqFt and Above

Width Ranges: 20' Wide and Under, 20-25' Wide, 25-30' Wide, 30-35' Wide, 35-40' Wide, 40-45' Wide, 45-50' Wide, 50-55' Wide. 55-60' Wide, 60-65' Wide, 65-70' Wide, 70-75' Wide, 75-80' Wide, 80-85' Wide, 85-90' Wide, 90-95' Wide. 95-100' Wide, 100' Wide and Up

Depth Ranges: 25' Deep and Under, 25-30' Deep, 30-35' Deep, 35-40' Deep, 40-45' Deep, 45-50' Deep, 50-55' Deep, 55-60' Deep, 60-65' Deep, 65-70' Deep, 70-75' Deep, 75-80' Deep, 80-85' Deep, 85' Deep and Above

Bedrooms: 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedrooms, 3 Bedrooms, 4 Bedrooms, 5 Bedrooms and Above

Bathrooms: 1 Bathroom, 2 Bathrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 4 Bathrooms and Above

Garage Bays: 1 Garage. 1.5 Garage, 2 Garage, 3 Garage, 4 Garage and Above



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