Secondary Dwelling Units

Secondary Dwellings Units (SDU's) are a fast growing part of our residential market.  Nauta Home Desgins provides blueprints for secondary dwelling units, basement apartments, garden suites etc. with guarantee of permit.

Free, On-site Consultation

For SDU  projects an onsite consultation is almost always necessary. This helps us to determine the feasibility and options for the project. Consultations also allow us to determine the fixed fee for your project (based on the scope, complexity, and scale) as well any other specifications to be included in your written design contract.
Once our contract has been agreed upon, our team returns to measure and take photos of the existing property or space. After measurements and photos have been taken, your assigned designer will draft a concept plan and send it to you. This begins the designer-client revision process, which results in your final drawings.

bcin licensed

With the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

All of our house plans comply with the Ontario Building Code.


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