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Permit Application

We Will Do The Work For You

The Building Permit Process involves continuous time, money and headaches- especially for first time applicants. Nauta Home Designs offers a Permit Application Service to all of our clients. Our knowledge and experience allows us to work efficiently with your Municipal Building Department to get your permit on time. We guarantee permit approval with each design that we create, so you can rest assured that we will take care of this for you.

Our Permit Application service is convenient, affordable, and stress-relieving.

Listed below are the processes and requirements for a building permit – It can be a long and arduous task. If you would prefer to leave it to the professionals, please contact us and we will be happy to help!

Building Permit Process

1. Application Process:

a. Submit a building permit application with the following:
b. 2 sets of blueprints (elevations, floor plans, foundation plan, and cross section.)
c. 2 copies of your Site Plan or Legal Grade Survey.
d. Schedule 1 Designer Form signed by licensed designer.
e. Energy Efficiency Design Summary signed by licensed designer.
f. Approval from all other agencies must be done.
g. Building Permit Fee.
h. All of the above are required for permit.

2. Review Process:

a. City Building Department checks compliance with the building code.
b. Zoning review (building setbacks, lot coverage, building height, use of building)
c. Architectural review (structural compliance, fire and safety.)
d. Mechanical Review (heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC), and plumbing requirements with building code.
e. If application is not complete you must re-submit your application.

3. When Permit Granted:

a. Application is approved and permit in stages.
b. Post permit on construction site
c. Keep a marked and stamped copy of drawings on site.
d. Drawings must be marked and stamped by building department and planning department.

4. Inspection Process:

a. City building official inspects construction in stages.
b. Inspections don’t happen automatically. You or your builder are required to call and ask for inspections, with 24 hour notice.
c. Work must conform to the authorized plans.
d. If work is not done according to code, an infraction is noted and is posted on site.
e. No final occupancy permit will be given until all infractions are fixed and a final inspection is approved.

Download a Free Building Permit Checklist HERE (PDF).

Documents needed to obtain a building permit:

1. Building Permit Form – Completely filled in

a. Schedule 1 Designer Form, “Designer Section” to be filled in by Designer.
b. Schedule 1 Designer Form, “Designer Section” to have Designer BCIN numbers.
c. Energy Efficiency Design Summary to be signed by Designer.
d. Schedule 2 Sewage System Installer Information, see Item #9.

2. 2 copies – Full set of Construction Blueprints:

a. Done by Licensed Designer, and signed, with BCIN numbers.
b. Construction Blueprints are of:
i. Foundation & Basement plans, fully dimensioned and noted, with all structure shown.
ii. First floor plan, fully dimensioned and noted, with all structure shown.
iii. Second floor plan, fully dimensioned and noted, with all structure shown.
iv. Four exterior elevations, in detail, with exterior finishes, and grade lines.
v.   True Cross Sections, dimensioned vertically, fully noted, showing wall assemblies, roof assemblies, ceiling assemblies, floor assemblies, structural components, and grade elevations.
vi.  Construction Details, fully noted, showing structure and assembly, where necessary.

3. Structural Shop Drawings:

a. For all Pre-engineered components such as:
i. Trusses
ii. Wood I’s
iii. LVL Beams
iv. Girders
v. Columns
*b. All additional required engineering done as needed for your project. (i.e. soil, mechanical, structural, etc.) See Appendix “A”  at the end of this book.

4. 2 copies – Legal Grade Survey:

a. Done by Licensed Legal Land Surveyor.
b. Shows property line and bearings.
c. Shows footprint of building.
d. Shows distance of building footprint from property lines.
e. Shows building lot coverage in area and as percentage of lot area.
f. Shows existing grade (ground ) elevation of site.
g. Shows future required minimum grade (ground) elevation of site.

5. Site Plan Option:

a. You may be allowed to use a Site Plan rather than a Legal Grade Survey.
b. Consult with your Building Department to confirm if this option is acceptable.
c. Site Plan can be done by Nauta Home Designs.

6. 2 copies – HVAC Calculations:

a. Done by Professional Mechanical Engineer or a Licensed Mechanical Designer, and signed with BCIN numbers.

7. 2 copies – Heat / Loss Gain Calculations:

a. Done by Professional Mechanical Engineer or a Licensed Mechanical Designer, and signed with their BCIN numbers.

8. 2 copies – Forced Air System Ductwork Schematics:

a. Done by Professional Mechanical Engineer or a Licensed Mechanical Designer, and signed with their BCIN numbers.

9. Local Regional Public Health “Certificate” for Septic Tank and Tile Bed for Country Properties:

a. Call your local Regional Public Health Department first, before you do anything else.*
b. They are very supportive. Having proper information is helps every one.
c. They need blueprints to determine required tank size and tile bed length.
d. Septic Tank and Tile Bed to be designed by qualified person.
e. Site Plan required showing septic tank and tile bed location.
f. Site Plan shows house location with distance to septic tank and tile bed.
g. Septic Tank and Tile Bed Design must be approved by local Regional Public Health Department.
h. Site Plan must be approved by your local Regional Public Health Department.
i. Yes…there is a fee from your local Regional Public Health Department.

10. Niagara Escarpment Commission “Approval” for certain properties:

a. Call the Niagara Escarpment Committee to be sure.
b. Your Building Department can tell you if the NEC has jurisdiction.
c. There are specific limits for building within their authority.
d. They require a “legal survey” or “legal grade survey” to comment and approval.
e. They are supportive. Having accurate blueprints helps everyone.
f. This approval is for building type, size, height, finishes and distances.
g. With accurate blueprints, they can comment much easier, and respond faster.

11. Ministry of Natural Resources “Approval” for certain properties:

a. Call the Ministry of Natural Resources to be sure.
b. Your Building Department can tell you if the MNR has jurisdiction.
c. As each site is unique, they will tell you what information they need.

12. Additional Engineering Requirements for the Ontario Building Code:

a. Engineered drawings must be stamped by a professional engineer.
b. See Appendix “A” for construction application examples that require additional engineering at the end of this book.

General Notes:

a. Items 5-7 are done by the same company.
b. All sample forms, drawings, reports and surveys are examples only and do not include all documentation required for permit.

"Thanks to you and your staff for the great design work on our new home. Construction is well underway and we were very pleased with the professional manner, quickness, and courtesy with which it was delivered."
- Vi and Scott K.
"Just wanted to say thank you for the great job you did on the plans for the house on Lakeview. It is exactly how I envisioned it when I bought the property. You and your team are very professional. It is nice to deal with people like Nauta. We will be more business in the future for sure. Thanks again."
- G.S, Fort Erie, Ontario
"As we are approaching the end of our renovation / addition, we'd like to pass on our 'thanks for a design very well done'. As you know, success is always based on good design and plans, and by the number of comments we've received, Nauta Home Design shares in those accolades - you have taken a standard 'survey' house and made it our custom home. The great room viewing the Niagara escarpment is most impressive. What we are most pleased with is how NHD was able to take our ideas for our lifestyle, and interpret that into a detailed design that works. The 'creative' process was actually enjoyable, as you helped guide us through and make good choices. Our builder, Homes By Hendriks, had no issues with the plans, and even with the changes we made along the way, you and Hendriks worked well to keep the project moving smoothly. Referrals are always the best method of choosing a designer; its how we found Nauta. We'd be pleased to show our home to any of your clients."
- D & R H. Grimsby, Ontario
"Michelle and I would really like to thank you, and your team for your expertise, thoughtfulness and patience! In a time when good products and services are becoming increasingly harder and harder to find, there you were with a great service at a great price! We couldn’t be any happier with the finished product and truly do appreciate everything you’ve done for us. I will highly recommend you to anyone in need, and can assure you that you will be my first stop if we ever build again."
- Jim and Michelle C. Ridgeway, Ontario
"We are so happy with our decision to work with you and the Nauta Team on our recent renovation project. Nauta Designs has truly unlocked the full potential of our home while respecting our budget by offering creativity and expertise while ensuring we maximize our return. My wife and I are sincerely grateful for your onsite support while dealing with the Halton Conservation Authority.Your experience and depth of knowledge during our discussion with them made the world of difference in getting the design approved. We would have been so disappointed otherwise. Thank you! True believer that the greatest compliment you can offer a service provider or sales individual is a referral. We have shared our positive experience with various acquaintances and loved ones who can't wait to see the final transformation; a few of which are looking to renovate their homes and plan to give you a call. I am confident that you will take great care of them as you have us!"
- Robert Waslyk, Burlingotn, Ontario