We provide high quality residential HVAC Designs for $600.00 CA for all building permits in Ontario (per system + HST).

high quality residential HVAC DesignsHaving an HVAC design signed by a Professional Mechanical Engineer or a Licensed Mechanical Designer with a BCIN number is necessary when obtaining a building permit from your municipality in Ontario.

An HVAC Design shows HVAC calculations, Heat / Loss Gain Calculations, and Forced Air System Ductwork Schematics.

The HVAC documents consist of:

  • A ventilation calculation report
  • A heat loss and heat gain report
  • Ductwork design
  • Ductwork schematic drawings (shows duct sizes and cfm)
  • The reports show total btu’s and cfm

Completed construction blueprints are required to start any HVAC drawings. View our “for Homeowners” page here to view a description of our custom home design services.

We are also able to provide HVAC drawings for commercial properties.

Please contact us with any inquires regarding HVAC.

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