3D Worlds

We provide a completely unique 3D experience to our customers, our 3D worlds are high definition videos of your new home complete with full landscaping and an accurate depiction of your lot and its surroundings. Please view examples on our 3D worlds portfolio page here.

We create our 3D worlds from the fully detailed construction blueprints that we have designed for the client. Therefore, our 3D models are 100% accurate. This allows you to see the interior and exterior of your new home or addition/renovation long before it is built. Seeing your home before beginning construction can be vital in making any changes that may result in abetter finalized home design.

We incorporate the accurate 3D model and a beautiful landscape plan into our 3D worlds, the result is a breathtaking video of your new home to share with friends and family. The video or model is also a useful tool for aesthetic purposes, it allows you to preview materials and colours so that you can have confidence in your final choices. Building a new home is an adventure, our 3D worlds allow you to go forth in confidence, knowing that the final product is as beautiful as you had imagined.

The cost for a 3D world is dependent upon the size and scale of the project, but we often offer a package price with our home design services. We are also able to include rendered images from the video for promotional or personal purposes.

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3D Models

We also offer 3D models at a lower cost. These 3D models are less detailed and are shown as still images with no landscape or surroundings. Those these models are not as impressive as the 3D worlds that we offer, they come at a slightly reduced price and can be used for final design revisions and colour and material planning.

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