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We specialize in designs using ICF construction methods.

What is ICF?

ICF stands for Insulated Concrete forms.

It is a system of insulated concrete forms for reinforced concrete that stays in place as a permanent interior and exterior substrate for walls, floors, and roofs.

The forms are interlocking units that are dry-stacked almost like Lego bricks.


The webbing in between the insulation is specially designed to hold rows of steel rebar.

The rebar provides the reinforcement to the concrete that will be poured.

After the rebar has been placed in the webbing, the concrete can be poured into the formwork.

​The forms are then left in place and provide very high "R" values.

Insulated concrete forms can be used to construct:

  • Foundation walls
  • Floor systems
  • Main floor walls
  • Roofs

There is a higher level of complexity with ICF construction that comes with advantages and disadvantages.

The thickness of the walls can take up alot of floor space so spacial design is critical.

However, the thickness of ICF is also very energy efficient and provides high "R" values.

ICF homes also have superior sound control and are earthquake resistant. In addition, fire hazards are kept to a minimum.

It is important to do your homework on ICF. Make sure that this method of construction is right for your home and for your lifestyle.

Always ensure your design firm has experience with ICF design and ICF construction.

We have been designing homes with insulated concrete forms for many years.

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