All of our house plans can be “reversed” or “mirrored”.

Reversing or mirroring a house plan is when the house plan is “flipped” (ex. Moving the garage from the right to the left of the home). This is sometimes necessary due to site specifications, lot by-law requirements, or personal preference.

The cost to reverse or mirror any house plan is $100.00 CA (+HST).

When a house plan is reversed, the footprint or outline of the house does not change, nor are there any changes made to the home design. The cost of reversing a house plan is minimal because the changes are only done once to reverse the foundation plan, floor plans, exterior elevations, and cross sections. It is important to let a professional house plan designer reverse your home plan rather than doing it yourself on a photocopier because you can prevent any costly issues from occurring, like forcing your contractor to read backwards numbers and letters when they begin construction.

Our reversed plans are “read right” reversed. This means the house is reversed, but all wording and numbers are read normally left to right.

In addition to reversing the house plans, you can personalize the plan to fit any of your other needs or create a custom home plan altogether.

Learn about Personalizing Any House Plan here.

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