Canadian Contemporary House Plan

Currently in construction on the Burlington Lakeshore

If you’ve decided to look for a modern house plan, you’re in the right place. Nauta Home Designs features an extensive selection of  modern house plans that are suited to meet every lifestyle and home design preference.

Modern house plans are defined by many key characteristics, including an open floor plan that allows for lots of flexible floor space for the entire family.

Modern homes typically employ a minimalistic style of décor in the home’s interior and exterior and are constructed with a wide range of materials like glass, wood and concrete to create an industrial, minimalist aesthetic. Many of our customers appreciate the abundance of large windows found in modern homes since they allow natural light to truly enhance the space. Large glass walls or floor-to-ceiling length windows common to this style of home also give stunning views of the space around your home and its property.

Modern house plans can be found in a variety of different shapes and styles, including geometric, A-frame and the Prairie-inspired designs that are often associated with the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright. This style of home is becoming increasing popular with Nauta Home Designs’ customers because of the variety of styles that offer each homeowner their own unique and innovative floor plan. All of our modern house plans can be customized by our designers – if you’d like to add an extra bedroom or enlarge your kitchen, we have many options for you!

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