When designing your dream home, it can be difficult to envision what your finished home will look like based solely off of a house plan or floor plan. At Nauta Home Designs, we’ve created a solution that our customers love. We’ve found that the best way to see your house plan come to life before building, is with one of our 3D Worlds. Our 3D Worlds allow you to see your future home in any weather, at any time of day and with any finishings you choose. The below videos showcase the power of our 3D Worlds and their ability to help you visualize your dream home based on the house plan we have designed together.

Leandro Estate

Watch as you are taken through our design process to the beautiful end result of our 3D Architectural World where we take you into and around the home in stunning, realistic Full HD video fly-through.

3D Architectural World

Let us show you your home design in a full 3D world, so that you can visualize it long before it's built.

4 Seasons in a 3D Architectural World

A showcase of our ability to create realistic 3D worlds around our architectural models.

Contemporary Container Cottage

Nauta Design Group created this contemporary cottage design using 4 shipping containers. This project showcases our creativity and talent in creating small, yet functional and enjoyable spaces.

2nd Storey Addition/Reno in the GTA

Custom addition/renovation for a client in the GTA, this home has a new 2nd storey and a renovated first floor. The home now has over 2000 sq. ft. of living space, 3 bedrooms, and 2.5 baths. The new open concept layout has created a much more spacious feeling in the home.

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