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Construction Types

Over the years, we have provided custom designed house plans with different
types of construction.

We have extensive experience designing with these different types, and know what is
needed in the design and blueprints, to make sure construction goes smoothly.

Each type of construction requires different special design criteria and different structural requirements.

Each type has many benefits and construction costs vary, depending on design.

Should you be interested in building with any of these types, do not hesitate to call us to
discuss your project, and to find out more about each type.



Wood Frame (Standard Design)

Wood frame or technically known as “Platform” construction, is the most common type
of construction in house building.

It provides both the structure and the framework, but is also very labour intensive.

Cost is minimal compared to other types, but has additional costs for vapour barriers, air barriers, and insulation.

Some consider this type to create the highest amount of waste on the job site too.
We design most of our house plans with this type due to it’s common use, and industry acceptance.



Thermapan SIP (Structural Insulated Panels)

The Thermapan SIP panel is gaining greater popularity due it’s very simple construction
and high energy savings vs cost to construct.

It is both the structure and the insulation assembly combined together, so it is very cost effective vs other types of construction.

When we design house plans with SIPs, we look to making the design function
with the panels.

Nauta Home Designs highly recommends this type of construction over all other types.




ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms)

Superior strength and very high “R” value makes it interesting, but construction can be complicated.  Very thick walls gobble up floor area, so space design is crucial.

In addition, these homes have superior sound control and earthquake resistant.
Fire hazards are minimal.

House plans designed with ICF require more space and structural engineering.
We follow this right from the start.



Straw Bale

This type of construction is consider new, but the use of straw in construction is very
very old.  It’s inert properties and cell structure enables it to have high tensile strength and ability to trap “air”, thus provide high “R” values.

This type allows for many free form structures, and can be very creative, with curved walls
and angles. The construction has very high energy values, simple to construct, and very
low fire hazard.

There is a growing interest in Canada for this type, and we are interested in doing more
of these types of homes. The use of plaster both outside and inside gives a softer,
looser finish that creates a very relaxed atmosphere.

Maintenance can be an issue…but only if the design was done poorly.  When we design
house plans with this type of construction, a lot of consideration is given to moisture control.



Timber Post and Beam

Beautiful looking wood structures…and soaring ceilings are awesome.
This construction allows for large open spaces, and large window walls.

Structural loads are high, so these columns usually are 8x8 or 10x10 in size.
In addition to the large structural members, it is wood that will crack, check and move.

Fire hazards could be high with this type due to the very open concept design and the
exposed structure. The house plan must be designed with this criteria, for the final home
to function well.

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