How We Design House Plans




At Nauta Home Designs our house plans focus not only on style, space, and features; but on
consistency as well. We follow a rigorous process to ensure that each home design is of the same
high level of quality that we have established over the past 25 + years.

We get asked about our process frequently, so we wanted to share. This page is a step-bystep
guide to our home design process, we hope that you will find it helpful in understanding
our approach to design.

Please feel free to call our office toll free at 1-866-474-4320 with any further questions, we are
happy to assist you.










Sketches and Concept

First, we meet with you to discuss your property information
and your lifestyle requirements.

1. We discuss your photos, notes and ideas and we develop
an idea of what it is you are after.

2. We then create conceptual floor plan sketches based on
the information we have received.

3. These sketches portray the basic location of rooms and
the desired style of the exterior of the house plan.



First Draft

First, we use the lot data from your property survey and with
information from the building and planning department
determine the building envelope. (This is the space your
house fits in.)

1. We begin the first draft where we take your sketches,
photos, notes and ideas and put them on our CAD system
as a floor plan concept.

2. We then establish all spaces and rooms, room sizes,
gross floor area, overall width and depth to determine if the
plan will fit your lot.

3. You will receive an email with your Online Toolbox
username and password.

4. All subsequent drawings are posted in your Online
Toolbox in PDF format.

5. Your Toolbox stores all drawings throughout the process
with the most current drawings on top.

Our Toolbox is unique to Nauta Home Designs and allows our clients to view their drawings
as we post revisions- all from the comfort of their own home. The toolbox utilizes your email
and notifies you of any new drawings.

Here is a sample email from the toolbox system:
“Hello John Doe,
We have updated your designs. Please check it out at
Click on the “Tool Box” button at the top right to login.
Enter your username and password as shown below to login to your private “Tool Box”.
All of your designs are kept in your private “Tool Box”.
You can login with the following:
Username: jdoe
Password: 2013001
Let us know if you are having problems logging in.
Please review your drawings and contact us with your comments.
Thank You,
Nauta Home Designs
*This is an automated email. It is sent each time we post new drawings in your toolbox.*”




Once you have a chance to review the design, call us to
meet and discuss what you like, what you don’t like and
what you are not sure of.
That’s it! Simple and easy. We make recommendations and revise the drawings. We then post the new revised drawings in your Toolbox.

Once the floor plan begins to take shape, we follow up
with single line elevations, so you can see how the house
looks. This process is repeated until the design, floor plan,
elevations, room sizes, traffic flow, layout, room location,
gross floor area and cost efficiencies are to yours and our



Detailed Revisions

The design has begun to take shape.
1. We add details to the floor plan such as fireplaces, ceiling
styles (tray, vaulted, cathedral), posts, decorative archways,
stair styles, interior door styles, etc.

2. We add details to the elevations such as materials, trim,
door styles, window styles, grill patterns, etc.

3. If the design does not require anymore changes to it, let
us know and we will finalize the drawings for permit.

4. Structural design is intergrated into the process starting with the first draft- so there will be no design surprises.

5. Your house plan blueprints will look exactly the same as the design
due to structural and architectural accuracy since the first



Finalizing for Permit

Completing the blueprints
We begin to “wrap up” the drawings for permit.
1. We add all required structural and architectural notes,
details and cross sections necessary for construction and

2. The house plan blueprints are printed and reviewed using a nine
page itemized checklist to ensure quality of blueprints for
ease of permit approval and construction.

3. The blueprints are then signed and stamped with a BCIN
number for your permit.

4. We provide you with a signed Schedule 1 Designer Form
and a signed Energy Efficiency Design Summary.

5. You get 6 copies of the 24″x36″ blueprints of your house plan.

6. A PDF copy of your blueprints is then placed in your
Toolbox for your use.


How We Design House Plans: Additional Services


1. Coloured Elevations 

All of the technical information on your drawings is now
completed. But what will it look like with the finishes you want? We are able to take your siding, trim, stucco, brick, stone and roof samples or photos and apply those materials and colours to the front elevation of your house plan.

We put together two different colour options for you based on the materials and colours you have selected.We determine colour combinations that work with your design.

These coloured elevations take the guess work out of
choosing the right materials for your home.


2. 3D Worlds

The best way to preview your new home is in high-definition video showcasing precisely how your home will look in a living 3D environment. Our 3D Worlds provide a fly-through in and around your home in a truly unique way.

3D Worlds bring your new home into a living environment that can show any time of day, any season, fully landscaped with plants all on the exact lot size and location of your home. 3D Worlds provide the truest sense of what the finished house willlook like. You can choose the materials, colours and furniture to better realize your dream home.

The Result? A fully rendered 2- 4 min video in 1080p HD uploaded on our YouTube channel (private or public- your choice) for you to view and share with friends and family.


3. Landscape Design Services

– Full colour landscape plan

– Construction plan set with dimensions and details

– Planting plan complete with colour image catalogue of every plant

– Full 3D Landscape Design


4. Full HVAC Report $600

– includes all heat loss/gain calculations

– ductwork schematic

– stamped by mechanical engineer (fast permit approval)

– required for permit in Ontario

– about 20 pages in length


5. Building Permit Application – $1000 

– gathering all documents for permit application

– (blueprints, grade survey, engineering, etc…)


6. Minor Variance Application – $1000

– plot plan showing proposed changes to zoning by-law

– detailed drawings for minor variance meetings