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How to Choose a Cottage Plan


When it comes to choosing your cottage plan, the options are seemingly endless. And with even more people choosing to retreat back to nature and take a break from city life, there are so many different style and design options to choose from. Whether you want to get back to the basics with a […]

Avoid These Top 10 House Plan Errors That Could Cost You!


At Nauta Home Designs, we’ve had our share of customers who have come to us after having a bad experience with a poorly designed house plan. A house plan that is badly designed can cost you lots of money that you weren’t expecting to spend and cause you a lot of frustrations in the […]

Top 10 Common Home Design Mistakes

At Nauta Home Designs, house plans are what we do. Since our sole focus is on house plans and floor plans, we’ve compiled our top ten list of the most common home design mistakes that can easily be avoided when designing your home. These mistakes aren’t necessarily harmful but we can promise you that […]