Nauta Home Designs is licensed with a BCIN for Ontario







Since 2006, Nauta Home Designs has been a licensed and insured design firm in possession of a BCIN number as prescribed by the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Licensing, insurance, and a BCIN number are crucial elements when choosing your designer. If your designer does not have a BCIN number, you will not get a building permit in Ontario.

Here is some information on the BCIN:

In 2005 Bill 124 came into full effect in Ontario. This bill reformed Ontario’s building regulatory system and addressed long-standing concerns from builders, municipalities, inspectors, and citizens. Goals of the reformation were to “increase the safety and quality of building construction in Ontario, streamline the regulatory system, enhance accountability, and create a more transparent and innovation-friendly regulatory environment for the construction industry.”

Major changes included:

  • Designers who take responsibility for design activities in connection with plans submitted with building permits, will be required to pass provincial Building Code knowledge exams.
  • Designers who provide services to the public, in connection with plans submitted with building permits, will be required to carry professional indemnity insurance and be registered annually in accordance with provincial requirements.
  • The use of a common building permit application form
  • Time frames within which decisions must be made on issuing a building permit
  • Stages of construction when a building must be inspected and mandatory inspections

Source: Bill 124

Although this licensing is a requirement for anyone providing design services, do not use this as the sole determiner of whom you hire. Having at minimum, a college diploma in Architectural Technology, as well as many years of experience in this industry is necessary to effectively design a home.

When speaking to designers ask to see their work, portfolio and an example of their blueprints; use this to decide whom you should hire. It is your home and you deserve to know all you can about your designer’s qualifications!

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